kamarella estate

corfu country

Kamarela Estate, a hidden gem with a long history back to 1670, is situated In the heart of the Corfiot countryside. It is a place with an ideal climate which was chosen by the Venetian nobles in the island to cultivate rare species of plants and fruit bearing trees which all remain intact until today. Paliou family used it as a resort destination which also served as a refuge for them during wartime. The guests will have the opportunity to experience the real sense of the corfiot countryside.
A peaceful place away from stressful pace of life and the hustle and bustle of the city, a hidden paradise which invites the guest to a trip back in time following the pace of the nature. You can take a stroll around the garden of the estate as well as the olive garden, you can collect fruit and herbs under the guidance of of experienced gardeners, you can enjoy a relaxing bath or you can relax by the swimming poll which is continuously being supplied with water coming from Aghioi Deka.

The Kamarela mansion has three bedrooms and can accommodate up to seven guests.

hands on experience

For those interested in a hands on experience Kamarela Estate offers guests the chance to get engaged in cultivation works depending on the season. It is finally the ideal choice for those who have a special interest in rare species of flowers or bird watching. Enjoy your stay in the Venetian mansion situated in the center of the garden. Decorated with antiques of the age of English colonisation and enjoy all the facilities that give you a sense of another age. Enjoy the sunrise from the balcony and gaze at the different shades of green all around. 


Taste the unique products of the Corfiot land during your lunch and relax in the evening enjoying your drink as the night falls on Tuscany of the East, listening to the sounds of the nature. Last but not least for those interested in a hands-on experience, Kamarela estate offers the experience of Olive Harvesting upon request during the winter. For those who are keen on hiking there is a variety of different trails in one of the Corfu Trail mapped itineraries. For those who seek a short escape to the sea the most famous beaches of the island are very close to the estate.